As a licensed Massage Practitioner recognized under BC healthcare and a recommended Practitioner by Pain BC, I provide therapeutic treatment for the purpose of improving muscular health.  I have a holistic approach that is primarily myofascial (soft-tissue manipulation) utilizing research-based therapy focusing on the nervous system to bring about a neurophysiological change to

  1. relieve symptoms, such as pain, soreness, discomfort, tightness, stress, and inflammation

  2. restore homeostasis in & around the nervous system

  3. regain muscle balance & function, and a sense of ease.  

  4. promoting a relaxation response: slowing down the heart & breathing rate, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing stress hormone production, and releasing muscle tension

In conjunction with  regular exercise/movement therapy, I am here to support & facilitate wellness, tissue health & recovery to help you feel better, live better, move better.  

Who can benefit from my treatment style?

This is a quiet space to facilitate restorative function and improving muscular health by

  • reducing chronic pain 

  • recovering from orthopedic injuries due to misuse, disuse, overuse, trauma, MVA

  • managing stress 

  • improving muscular health & mental wellness

  • regaining the mind-body connection

  • regaining a sense of ease with daily living

  • resetting the nervous system to regain homeostasis/internal stability 

Benefits of therapeutic treatment:


  • pain

  • tension

  • fatigue

  • tightness

  • soreness

  • stiffness 

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • depression


  • flexibility

  • mobility

  • muscle function

  • nervous system function

  • mental/physical health 

  • quality of life

  • immune function

  • joint nutrition

  • sleep

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