As an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, I am a Registered Massage Therapist recognized under BC Healthcare and a recommended Practitioner by Pain BC.   My practice focuses on restoring poor tissue health resulting from chronic pain, orthopedic injuries, and stress for the purpose of recovery by releasing restrictions & improving tissue quality for balance & function.  Patients will feel change post-treatment.

Following an evidence-based practice, I use my clinical expertise along with research evidence to facilitate recovery to improve balance & function.  I have a holistic approach that is primarily myofascial  (soft-tissue manipulation) to source out the problem while relieving symptoms.  My approach to treatment involves focusing on the nervous system to bring about neurophysiological change so the patient can feel a difference by

  1. Relieving symptoms, such as pain/chronic pain, soreness, discomfort, tightness, stress, and inflammation from misuse, disuse, overuse, trauma, MVA.

  2. Restoring homeostasis in & around the nervous system.

  3. Regaining balance & function, and a sense of ease.  

  4. Promoting a relaxation response: slowing down the heart & breathing rate, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing stress hormone production, and releasing muscle tension.

  5. Managing stress.

  6. Regaining the mind-body connection to support mental & physical balance.

  7. Regaining a sense of ease with daily living.

Therapeutic treatment is not a standalone remedy, restorative function requires regular exercise/movement therapy to help you feel better, live better, and move better.  

For safe & effective care, treatment includes

  • History intake

  • Assessment

  • Treatment Plan

  • Treatment

  • Re-assessment

  • Post-treatment care 



  • Pain

  • Tension

  • Fatigue

  • Tightness

  • Soreness

  • Stiffness 

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression


  • Flexibility

  • Mobility

  • Muscle function

  • Nervous system function

  • Mental/physical health 

  • Quality of life

  • Immune function

  • Joint nutrition

  • Sleep


  • Temporary worsening of symptoms.

  • Usually, any increase in pre-existing symptoms of pain, stiffness, bruising, aching, or discomfort will last a few hours to a few days

  • Other possible risks, complications, and side effects are based on individual's health

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