Moving from overwhelm to peace

Moving from overwhelm to peace

Before reading this post, you are invited to make your favourite kind of tea, and get cozy for a few minutes.

My name is Karyn, and I'm a Registered Clinical Counsellor here in Vancouver. I'm excited about recently joining the team at Evoke Integrative Medicine, and I even get to have the wonderful Zahara as my neighbour!

I am passionate about helping people own their voice. In today's complex and busy world, this is so vital- being able to claim one's own experiences, perspectives, and skills as being valid and relevant. You matter. It is a learning process to explore your own stories more deeply, and it's my honour to work with people that want to strengthen their awareness, self-esteem, and ability to courageously work through all the hardships and surprises life can hold.

When life demands a lot of you in various roles, it can start to feel overwhelming. You may be pulled between a demanding career, raising kids, and trying to have hobbies of your own. A family member or close friend may need your support due to their health issues, and being a caregiver is life-changing too.

You might be feeling: Stressed, tense, worried, torn between responsibilities, frustrated, or low energy. This can take a toll on your relationships, as it's harder to connect when you feel overwhelmed. It can be discouraging to feel worried much of the time, and it's often hard to know how to start feeling better.

3 ways to foster peace

  1. Create kindness. Focus on being kind to yourself. When overwhelm creeps in, say something kind such as, " I am doing my best", or "I accept all the wonderful imperfections in my life". Find a word or phrase that makes you feel loved ❣

  2. Take a mindful moment. Put both feet on the ground, and breathe for 1 minute. Picture yourself in a place where you feel totally at ease. Breathe in the sensation of feeling comfortable, calm, happy.

  3. Jot it down. Spend 5 minutes writing down whatever is on your mind. Without editing, get it all out. This releases stress from your body, and is a way of acknowledging that what you feel is important. Now put the writing away, and later you can decide to keep it Or put it through the shredder:)

Simply acknowledging that you feel overstretched or stressed can go a long way in helping your system to feel calmer or more grounded. Play with the ideas above, and see what feels uplifting to you. You may re-connect with a sense of peacefulness even for a few minutes. That is a good thing! Celebrate it.

"There is peace even in the storm" -Vincent Van Gogh

How can you cultivate peace in your life, in one small way?

With light and gratitude

Karyn Davies, RCC

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