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Massage Therapy for Soft-Tissue Injuries

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Soft-tissue injury occurs when damage is done to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the body. Common examples include sprains, strains, whiplash.

Some causes of STI can include

  • overuse

  • physical trauma

  • long periods of inactivity

STI can result in

  • postural imbalances

  • decreased muscle function, weakness, numbness/tingling

  • decreased mobility

  • decreased quality of life

  • pain, swelling, tenderness, discomfort

  • headaches

  • feeling sluggish & tired

  • stressed

  • inability to have a good night's sleep

  • decreased activity level

Sometimes the effects of STI are masked and go unnoticed because our bodies are able to adapt to the discomfort/pain and still remain in homeostasis. However, when the body begins to move outside the range of homeostasis, dysfunction begins to set in and the inability to recover without rehabilitation. If you are not sure if you are suffering from STI, schedule an appointment for an evidence-based therapeutic massage and feel the difference.

Massage therapy is vital for both mental and physical health & wellness. As part of an aging population, our joints tighten, we have decreased muscle function, and our blood circulation becomes more viscous causing cellular waste to build up in our tissue, ultimately making movement & exercise difficult, and causing our bodies to hold onto stress. Regular visits for massage therapy can help improve circulation & inflammatory response thereby assisting in increased flexibility, mobility and overall health. Make massage therapy as part of your maintenance plan for healthy aging of joints & muscles, as well as reducing stress. Reset your mind. Reset your body.


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