• 30min appointment     $90

  • ​45min appointment     $105

  • 60min appointment    $130

all prices include 5% tax

Direct billing provided for active ICBC claims.  ICBC Enhanced care provides early access treatment within 12 weeks of injury, as well as access to treatment past the early access period.  Contact the clinic for information.

  • ICBC initial visit: 45min

  • ICBC subsequent visit: 30min​


Currently WCB claims not accepted.


Your appointment time is important to us, and is reserved for you. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy.
Patients failing to provide cancellation with 24-hour advanced notice will be charged in full for the late cancellation. 

Patients failing to notify cancellation of their appointment will be charged in full for the missed appointment.


For 24hr appointment cancellation, choose one of the following:

  1. Cancel your appointment via online booking

  2. Email to cancel your appointment

  3. Call to cancel your appointment  

For late cancellation, either

  1. Email to cancel your appointment or

  2. Call to cancel your appointment



In our efforts to make your visit more comfortable and provide you with the most effective treatment, our office has implemented a late arrival policy. Should you arrive late you will receive the remaining time allocated to your scheduled appointment however you will be billed the full amount of the appointment duration you have reserved. This is to ensure that patients coming in after you do not have to wait for their reserved time. We will try to accommodate late-comers to the best of our ability, but cannot compromise on the quality and timely care provided to others. We appreciate your understanding.